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Welcome To Mudras Grove Resort

The Best Resort In Nainital

The Best Resort In Nainital

Experience unmatched luxury and tranquillity at Mudras Grove Resort, a premier Nainital resort. Nestled in the heart of this enchanting destination, our haven of serenity amidst stunning landscapes and pristine forests awaits. Whether it's a romantic getaway, family adventure, or rejuvenating retreat, our Nainital resort offers tailored experiences.

Committed to preserving nature's beauty, our sustainable practices define us. From energy efficiency to waste management, our ethos echoes environmental stewardship. By staying with us, you embrace luxury and contribute to preserving our environment. Indulge in opulence amid nature's embrace. Book your stay today and be part of our legacy of indulgence and ecological responsibility.

Our Rooms

Discover the delightful accommodations at Hotel Mudras Grove, tailored to elevate your stay. Immerse yourself in the spacious luxury of our Deplux Cottages, where one-bedroom and hall setups or two-bedroom configurations await to embrace you in comfort.


Experience opulence in the Flying A Cottage or unwind in the charming ambience of the Little A Cottage. For those seeking cozy comfort, our inviting Standard Rooms provide a perfect retreat. With a range of options designed to suit your preferences, your stay with us promises to be a truly memorable experience.

Duplex Cottage With Sofa

Duplex Cottage With Sofa

Duplex Cottage With Double Bed

Duplex Cottage With Double Bed

Flying A Cottage

Flying A Cottage

Little A Cottage

Little A Cottage

Standard Room

Standard Rooms
Resort In Nainital

Wall Fans


Pets Allowed

Tea/Coffee Kettle

Non-Smoking Rooms


Soap and Shampoo

2 Litres of Water Bottle

Double Bed





Our Room Amenities

Available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., ensuring your needs are met at your convenience

Room Service

For guests who prefer to smoke, we provide a designated area.
Buffet Breakfast: Start your day with a delectable buffet spread.

Smoking Area

Savor exquisite meals from our diverse menu.

Ala Carte Lunch and Dinner

Gather around the warmth of a bonfire under the starlit sky.


Enjoy the comfort of air-conditioned spaces throughout the resort.

Air Conditioning

Park your vehicle with ease and security on our premises.

Car Parking

Comfort And Ambience At Every Step

Experience a wealth of offerings that enhance your overall stay at our resort in Nainital

Discover the epitome of hospitality and relaxation at our resort in Nainital. Whether you're seeking a serene escape or an adventure-filled retreat, our meticulously curated amenities cater to your desires. Book your stay today and experience luxury and comfort like never before.

At Mudras Grove Resort, these unique experiences are meticulously crafted to enhance your stay, ensuring that every moment is infused with relaxation, connection and joy.

Open Space for Sitting

Step into our resort and be welcomed by a spacious seating area, thoughtfully designed for relaxation and enjoyment. This open and inviting atmosphere is the ideal backdrop for unwinding after a day of exploration or mingling with fellow guests. Whether you're seeking solitude or engaging in conversations, this space is the perfect blend of comfort and connectivity.

Bonfire Delight

As the sun sets, embrace the cozy allure of our dedicated bonfire spot. Gather around the crackling flames with friends and family, basking in the warmth and camaraderie. The enchanting glow of the bonfire provides the perfect setting for sharing stories, creating memories, and experiencing the magic of the outdoors in the heart of our resort.

Kids Zone Adventures

For our younger guests, the playful kid's zone offers an expanse of exploration and joy. With ample space for little ones to run, play, and imagine, this vibrant area guarantees endless fun and laughter. Let your children's imaginations roam freely as they engage in delightful activities and forge new friendships, all within a safe and inviting environment.

Tranquil Yoga Area

Discover a serene haven within our resort – the yoga area. This tranquil space invites you to reconnect with your inner self amidst an open and serene setting. Embrace the practice of mindfulness and rejuvenation as you stretch, breathe, and find harmony. Surrounded by the soothing ambience of nature, this spacious sanctuary offers a serene escape from the demands of everyday life.

An Experience Unlike Others

Discover an array of captivating and distinctive experiences that await you at Mudras Grove Resort. From serene spaces to exciting activities, each unique offering is designed to create cherished memories during your stay.


Contact Us

Dhakakhet, Jeolikot, Nanital, PIN 263127

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